Nissan X-Trail 2007

After 3 beautiful months in Chile, Argentina, (and soon Bolivia) we are selling our fully equipped NISSAN X TRAIL with wooden rooftop and structure to sleep inside the car! The car will be available in Santiago de Chile end of January – beginning of February.

The Nissan X Trail is the perfect companion for your journey as it’s a favorite 4×4 here in South America due to its high ground clearance, strong build and high reliability. Moreover, it’s easy to find spare parts as these cars are popular all over South America. The car is registered in Chile in our name and includes all official documents 📑.


« La machina » is a 2007 Nissan X Trail Full 4WD with an economic but powerful 2.5l petrol engine, offering you the following:

  • Approx. 190.000 km by the end of our trip (currently 183.500 km 07/01/2019)
  • Registered in Chile (Chilean plates)
  • Automatic shift gear with over-drive function
  • Easy switch between 2WD & 4WD when needed and differential lock (constant 4WD)
  • Fuel consumption: depending on street conditions approx. 10l / 100km
  • Gasoline (60L tank)
  • Electrical windows all around, blackened all but front window
  • Air-conditioning
  • All tires in good condition
  • 1 full size spare tire
  • Electric closing
  • 2 safety triangles
  • 1 safety wests
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Electric rear mirror
  • Fog lights
  • ABS
  • Airbags
  • CD Radio with aux plug to connect to iPhone
  • Steering wheel lock in bright yellow


After a serious garage inspection and test drive, we have acquired the car in October 2017 with 175.000km in very good conditions, that only needed some light fixing and general maintenance (filters, oil). Additionally, we have done some maintenance on the road in Patagonia. Here is the list of the new parts that we bought:

  • new tires (front)
  • homocinetica (2x front)
  • new radiator
  • new shock absorber (2x front)
  • new wishbone (front left, repair the other side)


⛽️ ”The Roof is on fire”: we have built a rooftop to store 40L of gazoline (or water, wine, sprite…). You can easily store a tent on it. We use it to store our trekking shoes and other devices stored in plastic bags.

And in case you want to help hitch-hikers in needs, we were even able to take a few of them for small distances, laid back on the bed with the backpacks on top.

🛏 “Sleeping Beauty”: we built a wooden sleeping platform inside. Together with our custom-made super cosy mattress, 2 pillows and the darkened windows 2 people can spend the night in the car comfortably without being seen from the outside, even in cities.

Romain is 1.85m and he was able to sleep perfectly in the bed.

🍽 “Hell’s Kitchen”: you can attach to the structure a wooden platform to cook everywhere. The kitchen includes a very complete equipment listed below (yes, 2 wine glasses ARE necessary for a successful road-trip)

📦 Storage: the wooden platform contains 4 wooden drawers (accessible from the back) to store food, cooking sets and more equipments. It also come with 4 plastic box to store clothes and personal belonging (accessible from the back doors).

The list of the full equipment is listed below.

🧺 Equipment

This car is sold with everything that you need to travel.

  • Cooking
    • Doite cooking set for 4 persons (more)
    • Gaz Burner with cans (you can easily find in super markets)
    • 2 glasses of wine
    • Wood & aluminum dishes for 4 persons (fork, knife, soup spoon)
    • Bottle-opener
    • 2 Thermos cup and 1 Thermos Bottle (750cl)
    • 2 plastic bowls
    • 2 square & 2 rectangle Tupperware
    • Bigger cutting board
  • Sleeping sheets, blanket, large pillows
  • Clothes Storage
    • 4 plastic box
  • Gazoline Storage: 2 x 20L
  • 4 elastic cables to fix on rooftop
  • Tools (screwdrivers, rope…)
  • And probably more little tools that we may have forgotten here.

FYI, we also have 2 new sleeping bags that we use as a warm blanket. If you want them, we may sell it extra.

📸 More Pictures

🛎 Price & Contact Us

The Car + Full equipment is 5.000.000 CLP, 6700€. We prefer payment in euros and we can use to do a secured transfer. We are also able to guide you through the paperwork and explain you how it works! All together, the process is pretty easy and fast.

You can contact us on WhatsApp: +33 6 73 32 92 21
As we are still on the road, we may not have internet every day, so expect a little delay in our answers. Don’t hesitate with any question you might have!